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Happy Halloween!


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Boogie vs. Staple

Last night my boy Jeff Staple of underground retail acclaim had an opening for the photographer Boogie at his shop The Reed Space on Orchard St. in the L.E.S. Boogie is one of these completely fearless dudes who will photograph in any situation. He’s originally from Serbia and started by shooting skin heads in Eastern Europe. Now he lives in deep Brooklyn and spends his time shooting pit-bulls, crackheads, heroin addicts and daily life in the rougher sections of the city. Power House just released his book It’s All Good and I strongly urge you to check it out. Very strong work. Again, dude is fearless.

Here are some N73 cellphone shots of last night’s opening… not bad for the cellie.


Jeff, on the decks

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Candela V

4 days blended into one long fiesta again on the cobble-stone streets of Old San Juan. This year’s Candela Art and Musical Festival wasn’t so much an organized music festival as it was a reunion of sorts. I got to see the expected faces that make it down to Calle San Sebastian every year at this time. There wasn’t a schedule of events that I was aware of, or anything resembling advertising of the festival within Puerto Rico, so really this year for me was about seeing faces from years past. Big up to “los viejos de candela” Lee Quiniones, Pablo Arevena, Bobbito, Nickodemus, Eddie, the HVW8 brothas, Isolde & Tamara, the Rude crew, Orin and to the newbies Robi Bear, the 47 Masonites, Marco, Roanna, Girardo, Maude, Pablo, Jamie, and anyone else I’ve missed: PEACE!

Too many photos to paste here so I’m going to put up a couple and click the link to see all of ‘em.


Professor Murder

As staff photographer for XLR8R magazine out of San Fran I get asked to go on a lot of shoots for artists/musicians/bands/etc. A few weeks ago my assignment was to venture into the depths of Greenpoint in search of Professor Murder.

The night was pretty nasty, but we got a little break in the downpour to go outside of their practice space to take some shots. I left a lot of open space in the photos because they are going to be a single-page layout with text (the space is for the text)… I’ve been using Canon’s wireless flash transmitter the STE2 a lot recently for the flexibility it gives me in location lighting, but sometimes happy accidents happen. In the second shot here the flash didn’t fire and I got a moody natural light shot which might actually be my favorite from the shoot. Aiiiiight!



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Gold Medal

Rode 100 miles yesterday through New York and Jersey. I did a century ride a month ago through the 5 burroughs, but this was another story. Who knew Jersey had so many hills. I think we gained 600 vertical feet 4 times. I feel pretty good today, except for some achey legs. Overall was a good ride, and getting to pedal on the FDR, Westside highway and through the lincoln tunnel with no cars or trucks to make you cough was a bonus.

A few posts ago, I mentioned my man JP from Nokia hooked me up with a suprise… The Nokia N73 takes pretty damn good photos for a phone. It’s 3.2 megapixels and shoots at 300dpi. The ride for MS was a good opportunity to try it out. Here are some photos and a little video montage, all on the N73, all while at top speed =)

For the video, click here.











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