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Inside Outsiders

I know, I know! Where have I been? It’s a mess really… Running around on a lot of projects right now.

So, wanted to at least post a little something.

Over the past few weeks I partnered up with Zachariah Mampilly, long-time friend and professor of political theory at Vassar, to put together a new blog with some folks, it’s a global link-up of sorts, we’re calling it InsideOutsiders and looking to write/post about various global issues. So far we have about 20 correspondents in locals around the world: Sri Lanka, Sudan, Singapore, New York, LA, Philadelphia… also interesting is who they are: Doctors, Economic Consultants, Political Activists, Professors.

I’m using the blog as an opportunity to explore writing ABOUT photography, as well as organizing and looking at the work of others. I have been working as a photo editor for a year now at Contact Press Images, so it feels good to utilize my skills on something of my own creation.

Please take a look

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PT3 Turns 4

This past Friday night was the 4th incarnation of the PUMA Table Tennis Tournament aka PT3. We moved the event from the NYTTF in Chinatown to the beautiful PowerHouse Arena in Dumbo Brooklyn, thanks to STIGA‘s kind donation of 8 tables. Was a packed house and serious ball smackin’ all around. Here’s a snippet from my camera phone.

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Notha Benji 4×5

Working on these Benji B shots still. Here’s another 4×5 killa…


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