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Full Moon Hike

Arches National Park is in incredible place. I use to go a lot as a kid since it was a pretty easy 4 hour drive from Colorado. I was able to fold in a full-moon hike up to Delicate Arch during a Chicago to Los Angeles drive for the McDonald’s project. The photo below was taken under full moonlight at about 11pm. Surreal.

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Golden Arches

I’m back after a long hiatus…. and getting locked out of the blog for a minute. Figured my way back in and now it’s on to the next… Just started work on a long-term project about America. Going to examine the American Landscape using McDonald’s as the common thread. Shooting all film so not going to be much to post on the blog… Here’s a test shot, with a fogged lens from one of the first shoots out in Long Beach Island, NJ.

McDonald's - Long Beach Island

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